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Charles Watts

Charles L Watts, PLLC

First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about us and our story.  Like many of you, I have had to go through the motions of reading profiles, home-studies, background checks, and interviews, for the simple purpose of becoming an adoptive parent.  I feel that this experience is one that will help you navigate the adoption process.

My Education

  • Bachelor degree from the University of Oklahoma, Multi-Disciplinary Studies with Business and Legal Issues emphasis;
  • Masters of Business Administration from Oklahoma City University;
  • Juris Doctrate from Oklahoma City University School of Law

Business Experience

  • President/CEO of C. Watts and Construction Co., Inc.;
  • Owner of CLW Investments, LLC;
  • Owner of Charles L. Watts, PLLC

Other Experience

  • Deputy Sheriff in Oklahoma County
  • Dream  Team Volunteer at Victory Church OKC

Our Story

My wife and I tried for several years, but due to medical issues we were unable to have children naturally.  As a direct result of that in addition to wanting to expand our family we chose to look at both IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) and adoption.  However, my wife was also in the Army reserves and had received orders for involuntary transfer and deployment.  As a result that narrowed us down to adoption very quickly.  Thus, our adoption process began...

My wife and I went through some research and we found an agency that we decided to use, filled out the appropriate paperwork, performed the interviews, had our background checks completed, and our home-studies performed.  Now it was time to wait for a birth mother to select us.  However during this wait time my wife had left for her pre-deployment training, and then we received our first phone call interview.  What seemed to be a good match turned into a rejection due to tribal restrictions.  Our second prospect was for an older child and we really wanted a newborn, therefore we turned down the second one.  Then came a lag and we started to get discouraged until we received our third interview.  Our third interview was a little more trying as now my wife was overseas and on a 8 hour time differential, so getting her schedule, my schedule, the adoption agency, and the birth parents schedule lined up was quite the challenge.  However, ultimately we were able to get the schedules aligned and it turned into a positive selection.

A few months of back and forth conversations, things got closer to the due date.  My wife had her R&R trip scheduled for mid-February but since the due date was estimated for the beginning of February she requested that her dates be changed.  My wife arrived back home on January 28th and we drove straight to the city where the birth parents were so that she could have a chance to meet them, because at this point her only contact had been through one or two phone calls and a few emails.  After talking with the birth mother a little while the birth mother invited my wife to go to her doctor appointment that afternoon. That night we got a call that the birth mother had gone into labor, so we headed to the hospital, and was requested to be in the birthing room. It was a great experience for us both to actually be in the room while our daughter was born.

My wife then had to return overseas to complete her deployment obligations, therefore I ended up being a single parent until she returned.  Upon her return, we were able to complete our post-placement home-study.  Then approximately 6 months after the birth of our daughter we went before the judge where we we given permanent parental rights to our beautiful daughter.

This process was one of ups and downs, anxieties and emotions, both good and bad.  However, it is still one of the most rewarding things a couple can go through, for both the child as well as the adoptive parents and quite often even the birth parents.

Our Services

Services that we will eagerly perform on your behalf:

  • Closed adoption
  • Open adoption
  • Current Spouse adoption
  • Grandparent adoption
  • Foster care adoption
  • Guardianship - Temporary and Permanent